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Avocado Honey 500gr.


Pure IRON for anemia.

Very purifying honey, of strong flavor and diur├ęticas properties

Color: amber almost black, in liquid form.

Aroma: floral, fruity notes with clear.

Taste: sweet, salty notes. Very particular taste, difficult to compare.

Diuretic, purifying and slimming

Rich in organic iron.

Indicated against anemia.

Besides the proteins and minerals common to most honeys, this Honey variety contains lutein, an element that is related to the health of our eyes and that is concentrated in the macula of the retina, in order to avoid oxidative stress. Another of the great properties of avocado honey is Omega 3, an essential oil thousand and one times recommended to take care of our health, and that in this case also helps to maintain the natural humidity of the eyes. As if that were not enough, it can act as a diuretic, since the avocado contains a high percentage of water in its composition.

Deficiency states related to diet can be remedied by the intake of specific foods and compounds. Iron is usually one of the first elements that we lose when our diet is not adequate. Avocado honey contains iron in its composition in sufficient quantity to help alleviate the deficiency of this mineral in our body, being effective in combating anemia.

Diuretic effects in the body: The high percentage of water contained in the avocado is also present in the honey obtained from the tree of the same name. Therefore, it is recommended to combat fluid retention, and also has important diuretic effects. This helps evacuate excess fluid from our body.

Natural energizer: The combination of elements such as iron, sugars such as fructose, vitamins B1 and B2, together with an outstanding contribution of magnesium, has energizing effects on our body. Thus, it is usually prescribed in diets for athletes, as well as food supplement.

Natural slimming: The cleansing of lipids adhered to the body, its power to prevent the retention of liquids and its content in Omega oils make avocado honey a powerful ally when it comes to losing weight. And not only that, because it also has satiating effects on our body, which reduces the feeling of hunger.

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