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aceite puro de Rosa Mosqueta, perfumado Roll-on Rosa Mosqueta Flor de Rosa Mosqueta 100 mg. de aceite de Rosa Mosqueta Puro. 50 mg. de aceite de Rosa Mosqueta Puro.

Rosehip Oil

The Flower of Eternal Youth

It is a plant that is revolutionizing the world of medicine, pharmacology and Frutoscosmetics. The Rosehip ,is a shrub of the family Rosaceae, subfamily and genus rosidea pink. Known in Europe for many centuries, is a wild shrub twigs, flexible and very spiny, which can exceed 2 feet tall and whose stems and branches are full of white and pink flowers. Its leaves are compound, with 5, 7 or 9 leaflets, green and serrated edge. Its white flowers and sometimes give rise to pink shades called achenes nuts, egg-shaped up to 2 cm., Fleshy, crowned with cuts and red. The fruits are rich in ascorbic acid and to a lesser extent, vitamin A, riboflavin, niacin, malic and citric acids, sugars, etc.., And contain a large number of seeds from which oil is extracted from a reddish yellow oil, with a high content of vitamin C . Used by dermo-cosmetic industry and food processing.

Rosehip Fruits And Patagonian Indians used the Rosehip to maintain freshness of the skin, and heal wounds.

The fruit is egg-shaped, 1.5 to 2.5 cm. diameter of vermilion, presenting externally husks 1 to 3 millimeters thick and within 15 to 20 seeds from which oil is extracted. The husk has a large amount of vitamin C in their fresh and raw, pectin and some types of sugars. The seed has unsaturated fatty acids, trans retinoic acid (Vitamin A Acid).
The Rosehip Rosehip is currently spread over various areas of our globe, especially in temperate regions, growing wild in degraded soils, roadsides and stony soils
Rosehip bushWhen the petals fall, the plant develops an oval-shaped red fruit, full of seeds and will be enormous for them to extract the oil, now considered as one of the most powerful dermal regenerative exist.
The oil is obtained from the seeds of the flower, they contain essential polyunsaturated fatty acids: linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic. Noble oils are essential for the creation of new cells, such as the face.
Flower and fruitIt has plenty of vitamins A, E, C and B1 and B2, , with exceptional healing properties, antioxidants and restorative. It is considered one of the most potent regenerative cells are known in nature.
Rosehip Oil has up to 80% of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These acids are essential for the regeneration of the cell membrane and renewal of skin tissues. Helps prevent and reduce premature aging of the skin. Also reduces expression lines such as around the eyes and stretch marks. It also has a beneficial effect on dry and dull, wrinkled or sun damaged.
Essential fatty acids are required by the structures of all cell membranes of the body, because their properties confers unsaturation of fluency, flexibility and permeability making the Rosehip Oil an ideal product for skin care.
Rosehip FlowersThe high content of fatty acids of omega-6 series,are essential for human body , gives the oil excellent properties.
Its composition include linoleic acid (42% -48%) and linolenic acid (34% -39%) that are closely associated with collagen synthesis and are very important in biochemical processes related to tissue regeneration and cell growth. .
For its part, trans-retinoic acid or tretinoin (0.01% -0.10%), with ability to reduce the tumorigenicity of cells beneficially impact on photo-aging, wrinkle treatment,decreased size and improved scars, , reduction of stretch marks, etc

It is shown that:

Fruits Rosehip oil oil slows the signs of premature aging and provides excellent results in treating burns, , scars and skin defects such as blemishes pigmentation if applied consistently for 4 to 6 weeks.
Reduces wrinkles and signs of premature aging. Also counteract the drying effect of sun, whose action is seen primarily as fine wrinkles or"crows feet" around the eyes and mouth.
Attenuate scars, surgical or accidental improves the color and quality of the skin around them, and reduces the redness or hyperpigmentation. It also avoids the formation of keloid scars of type (cordon bulky) that may occur after surgical procedures and and helps to reduce scars or marks left by acne or smallpox.
It provides very good results in treating skin that has been burned or exposed to radiation.
The oil is very light and absorbs quickly, its texture and pH of 5.1 have that fits perfectly to the skin. No side effects and their only contraindication, given its high lipid content, is not recommended for use in the case of oily skin and acne seborrheic.


Taken in teas, promotes body's resistance to disease. Improved enzymatic processes and is an excellent tonic tissues.
Fight colds and flu cases, effectively, due to its high content of vitamin C (up to 840 mg of fruit total). Flores
It is also a mild diuretic and laxative.
Rosehip tea, being rich in vitamin C, also is recommended for smokers, as they lose this vitamin much faster than nonsmokers.
He will also give very good results in depressive illness.
Their petals, in aqueous infusion, is recommended as a purgative, and to cleanse the kidneys and bladder. And is used in dissolving gallstones and kidney.


Flores This seed oil is a powerfulskin regenerator.
  • Regenerates and nourishes the skin, eliminating wrinkles and visible scars. " The oil is applied in drops on the skin by making a gentle massage until completely absorbed.
  • Prevents and corrects photodamage and skin problems due to solar radiation through self-generation of melanin.
  • Redistributes pigmentation allowing the elimination of sunspots, as well as those produced in cases of acne, " , chickenpox or smallpox, hiding the scars caused by hyperpigmentation.
  • In the case of pregnant women are recommended to gently massage the breasts and abdomen during the last trimester of pregnancy to prevent stretch marks.

Benefits and applications:

  • Aging skin hydration
  • Retards and reduces wrinkles caused by age.
  • Reduces expression lines.
  • Clarifies and reduces dark spots and / or hyperpigmentation of the skin from excessive sun exposure.
  • Planta
  • Prevents and reduces stretch marks.
  • Treatment of burn scars.
  • Prevents sunburn.
  • Treatment of scars caused by acne.
  • Improves atopic dermatitis.
  • Treatment of surgical scars and keloids.
  • Attenuates psoriasis outbreaks.
  • Treatment of melanomas.
  • Treatment of dry skin and eczema.
  • Treatment of ulcers and sores, especially decubitus and vascular.

How to use:

FlowersFor skin care: face, body and hands.
Use after bath or shower in the bath water, after plucking or shaving, makeup base, after the mask, at night before bed with clean skin.

For skin care: The continued use of Rosehip oil generates several positive actions in the beauty of the skin: rejuvenation, wrinkle action, antibolsas and antiojeras. Vitamins and nutrients in the Rose hip help in the fight against skin aging ; smoothing the eyelids, smoothing and toning the skin.

For hair care: : With the help of a cotton, generously apply oil on the roots and around the scalp, giving light touch to penetrate better. Give a gentle massage with your fingers. Wrap head with plastic wrap or towel, leave on for 2 -3 hours. Then wash with regular shampoo. Fruits

For pregnant women: In the case of pregnant women is recommended to gently massage the breasts and abdomen during the last trimester of pregnancy to prevent stretch marks.

Hand and Joints: Rosehip oil is an excellent moisturizer for hands, which tend to lose texture Rosehip oil is also used for elbows, heels and knees as it avoids the natural tendency to dryness of these body parts over time.

To improve creams: : use creams that usually can be enriched with a few drops of this oil, recommending 10 drops per 30 grams of cream.

On the mode of application: The Rosehip oil and derivatives thereof are typically used in applications to the skin from one to three applications per day with circular massage to ensure that the skin absorbs.

On the Internet, you can find countless testimonials like this:
"My wife was bitten by a dog in the face. "
"My wife, who works as a nurse in a veterinary practice, suffered a bite near his eye and had to take several stitches. When they are removed, she use Rosehip oil as a remedy to promote healing. Today the scar is not noticeable, and is practically defunct "

In December 1998 two doctors published the results of his research in a paper entitled Rosehip Active Components. The authors were were Dr Bertha Pareja, Principal Lecturer in the School of Pharmacology and Biochemistry at the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru, and Dr. Horst Kehl, of the Faculty of Pharmacology at the University of Missouri, USA, as Visiting Professor at the University of San Marcos. The following paragraphs are extracted from the document:

Application on skin wrinkling

For this test we selected volunteers among people who spend three summer months in areas of the beach and going to the beach every day. The tests were performed on 20 women aged 25 35 years in the summer of 1988. marks most common cutaneous surface wrinkles and blemishes. All applied rosehip oil on the face for 4 months. Observations were made every 8 days. Significant changes were noted at the beginning of the third week. First began to surface wrinkles and stains desapareecer began to fade until the end of the month # 4, the disappearance was almost complete. The skin presented me a soft and smooth without blemishes.

Surgical Scars On Application

This test was performed on similar scars in 10 women ages 45 to 68 years to which they had unilateral or bilateral mastectomy. The applications of rosehip oil started the day on which the stitches removed. Suturing After washing with warm water and soap and dry it was applied by gentle massage oil. After 3 months of daily application (morning and afternoon), it was noted that the scars were less noticeable and without lumps and that skin elasticity had improved and that the color of the affected area had improved significantly.
These remarks The was made up to 4 months after the operation and treating physicians agreed that the skin condition had improved considerably, allowing implantation of prosthesis or plastic surgery in far better shape than in patients not treated with rosehip oil.

Some important information:
Chemical Composition:
    Rosehip oil pure, perfumed
  • Oleic acid (C18: 1) 40.1 g/100g sample
  • Linolenic acid (C18: 2) 52.0 g/100g sample
  • Palmitic acid (C16: 0) 4.5 g/100g sample
  • Stearic acid (C18: 0) 2.0 g / 100g sample
  • Myristic acid 0.4 g / 100g sample
  • Acid erurico 0.8g/100 g sample
  • Trans retinoic acid, in percentages less than 1%.

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