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Horchata Cream MOLINA 700cl
Horchata Cream «MOLINA»
Distilleries J.L.Ferrero
Beneixama (Alicante)
Capacity: 700 CL.
15% Vol.

The Valencian horchata is a refreshing drink made from small tubers called "tiger nuts" shaped like knots that come from the roots of the hazelnut sedge (Cyperus esculentus), which is named for the shape of its fruit, similar to the hazelnut.
Tiger nuts have been used for 4,000 years. In the tomb of Pharaoh Rekhmire, paintings depicting bread made with honey and tiger nuts were found.
Ideal to drink very cold after meals.
Smooth texture on the palate with a sweet and creamy flavor, recommended for the most demanding palates
This cream can be taken alone or combined with coffee.
In Valencian families it is usually taken at the end of eating, after dinner. It is a perfect way to end the evening with family and friends. And best of all, the horchata liquor can be consumed at any time of the year.

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