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SALT CRYSTAL LAMP Nowadays, most of us spend much of the time of our lives in closed rooms where the air is filled with positive ions (+) originated by air conditioners, computers, televisions, cigarettes smoke and other forms of contamination. As several medical studies have demonstrated, positive ions (+) can be responsible for various ills such as fatigue, irritation, lacks of concentration, insomnia, depressive states, headaches caused by stress, etc. Salt Crystal Lamps favour the ionic balance in the air by emitting negative ions (-) when the lamp is turned on.

Our lamps are made of natural salt crystal rocks formed after more than 250 million years. Each lamp, unique in terms of colour and shape, provides a comfortable atmosphere and a positive influence of well being thanks to the double action of its colour and ionizing effect.


Electric light is made of positive ions (+) and negative ions (-). By negative it doesn't mean this ions are "bad", it means they have negative polarity and, as many studies show, are very important and healthy. Thanks to the elements this type of salt rock contains, it favours ionic balance by liberating negative ions while the lamp is lightened up.


Thanks to the pleasant light, which offers natural tones from white to orange, the salt crystal rock lamps cause a beneficial effect on our physical and affective mood. The colour therapies assure that orange light favours creativity and has dynamic and relaxing effects on people. Moreover, white light reinforces concentration and helps clarify ideas.

For best results, when you buy your Salt Crystal Lamp, keep in mind the size of the room / area where you want to place it and choose the one which most suits your needs:

Type of Crystal Lamp

Rec. Room Size

Small, 3-6, 5 Kg.

Up to 15 m2

Medium, 7 - 12 Kg.

Up to 20 m2

Big, 12 - 18 Kg.

Over 20 m2