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Arbutus Honey 500 gr
Arbutus Honey

The fragrance is very distinctive as well, is pungent and bitter. It reminds of the smell of the ivy leaves, coffee grounds or burned leather. The unique flavour and smell, as well as the rarity and the therapeutic properties, make the arbutus honey one of the most expensive honeys, but also one of the most loved by honey lovers and connoisseurs all around the world. The crystallization process A peculiarity of the arbutus honey is its rapid crystallization, compared to other honey varieties.

Use and properties:
● The arbutus honey has a large number of therapeutic properties. It is very effective in the treatment of the flu, especially in the suppression of the cough.
● It is also of a great help in asthmatics states and, in general, for respiratory diseases.
● The high concentration of glucose and the acidic PH provide this honey with a strong antibacterial effect.
● It has anti inflammatory and cleansing properties, is a great antiseptic of the urinary tract, and also has diuretic and anti-diarrhea properties.
● In the Sardinian tradition, it has for long been used to facilitate sleep: eating a teaspoon of this honey before going to bed will help you to rest better.

Benefits of Arbutus Honey:
Arbutus honey contains Homogentisic acid, a powerful phenolic acid.
The antioxidant and antibacterial qualities of this honey are truly exceptional and it is one of the most antioxidant as well as antibacterial honeys in the world.
Arbutus honey has many therapeutic properties and is popularly used as an diuretic, anti-asthmatic (for bronchial infections), urinary antiseptic and to improve blood circulation.
Anecdotal evidence we have heard also suggests this honey does not cause blood sugar to spike and is often used locally by diabetics.(This is not a medical claim- please consult your doctor if you are diabetic)...

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