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Rosmarin Honey 2 Kg.
Plastic container

Now it's creamy, but just as good and tasty.
It is the typical honey of the Mediterranean region,
Amber colored snowy and somewhat thick consistency, which when crystallized is almost white.

★ It is one of the most complete apicultural products that exist. ★

This exquisite nectar is a natural food brimming with properties and benefits for health. So much so that it can be used to treat digestive and respiratory ailments, reduce inflammation or replace the intake of artificial sugars.

The tannins present in rosemary honey make it a wonderful cream to treat wounds, actively promoting its healing.

Recommended for:
► Hepatic ailments, heartburn and stomach ulcers. (favors decongestion of the liver.)
Improves digestion:
→ Thanks to its toning effects, this honey stimulates the functioning of the digestive organs, being an inestimable ally in cases of swelling, reflux, heartburn

► Against rheumatism, gout, cirrhosis, epilepsy,
It should be noted its anti-inflammatory properties since it makes it highly recommended to combat gout and rheumatism naturally.
► weakness, vertigo, syncopes.
► Combat physical exhaustion.
► Indicated for ulcers of the digestive system and dysmenorrhea.
► Benefit for menstruation.
Many women are those who claim that rosemary has properties, such as anti-inflammatory or emenagogue that facilitate the menstruation process by mitigating pain and discomfort, while providing significant energy reinforcement
► Natural sweetener.
→ Rosemary honey prides itself on being one of the most recommended natural sweeteners, especially for those who must take care of their diet due to liver or intestinal problems. The sugars in honey are easily absorbed by the intestines and help protect the membranes lining the liver.
Natural substitute for sugar:
→ Unlike other honeys, rosemary honey has a certain woody aroma but in terms of its taste is quite neutral, so it is ideal for those seeking a natural substitute for industrial sugars without changing its use the taste of the drinks or foods to which it is added.

► Traditionally said to be good for memory
Enhances memory skills:
→ One of the star compounds of rosemary is lithium, a fundamental alkaline metal so that our brain can correctly develop its functions. Therefore, consuming rosemary honey can help you a lot if you suffer emotional crises. It has also proven effective in combating the first symptoms of senility, as well as improving the memory functions of our brain.

Not recommended for hypertensive since it is a bit toning.
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