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<font color=\"#ff0000\">Arbequina</font> extra virgin olive oil
Arbequina extra virgin olive oil
Origin: - Beniard├í, Guadalest Valley. © Ribes Oil.

The main characteristicof Arbequina oil is that it is a sweet oil, that is, it does not have any bitter aftertaste. Some arbequina oil can sting throat, simply indicating that it is fresh.
In general, arbequina oil is suitable for those looking for extra virgin olive oil with a mild flavor.

The Arbequina oil, like the rest of the olive oils, has a high percentage of oleic acid, which helps to reduce the bad cholesterol(LDL) and increase the good (HDL).

It should also be noted that Arbequina oil has slightly lower polyphenol values than other varieties. Therefore, people who consume olive oil with the aim of improving their cardiovascular health, should consume other varieties, such as picual or chamomile.

Uses of Arbequina oil
The arbequina oil for its sweet and soft character has a wider use in the kitchen than other more resounding olive oils. For example, it is ideal to start children in the consumption of olive oil, as well as for people not accustomed to the consumption of olive oil.
It is also the best variety to experience its use in the elaboration of mayonnaise or sauce of soft or delicate flavor, in which other varieties would impose too much its presence. In the same way we recommend it for pastry as a substitute for butter, especially in biscuits.
In raw, with the breakfasts accompanying toast we consider it very good and it fits perfectly with a tomato, and even with jam.
Also in salads, with kiwis, apples and raisins. Even to give a touch to fruit salads and papillas. It is also the oil that we recommend to use with fish and seafood.For example,anchovies in vinegar, marinated salmon, etc.

The origin of the Arbequina oil comes from the town of Arbeca, in the Lleida region of Les Garrigues, where its name originated. There are several legends about the origin of the Arbequina. A legend tells that King Jaime I brought the Arbequina to Catalonia from Mallorca and his subject, the Duke of Medinaceli who was the Lord of Arbeca, planted this variety in his fiefdom. Another legend is that it was introduced by the Duke of Medinaceli, Lord of Arbeca, who brought it from Palestine in the eighteenth century.

Note: :
TRONCAL receives the name in honor of the trunk of the olive tree. The olive tree itself is a tree of the Oleaceae family. Its trunk is usually short, thick, irregular and light gray. It is common to see some protrusion and fissure.
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