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Hemp beer

Hemp beer is made with hops and hemp, both plants belong to the same family, so they share properties for the production of this beer. Hemp seeds are used and hops are the flowers of the female plants before they are germinated to make this beer.
It has a soft and different flavor that you have to try and a graduation of 5% Vol, it is also an ecological product and made in an artisanal way..

Both Humulus lupulus and Cannabis sativa are genera of the Cannabaceae family, defined by their similarities in appearance and molecular structure.
Both plants share organoleptic properties (taste and smell), because they share organic compounds such as terpenes (natural compounds very common in nature such as lemons, pines or lavender), formed of isoprenes, or terpenoids.
Cannabis is not recommended to be used as a substitute for hops, but it is another ingredient in the preparation that allows beer to be flavored and add unique nutrients from cannabis.
A cannabis beer will not give us the same effect that is obtained when smoking. However, merging the taste properties of hops and cannabis in the same product, due to their similarities, is not a bad idea.

Go figure:
a sunny afternoon on the terrace of a bar enjoying your delicious beer.
Now imagine that beer has the aroma and taste of your favorite marijuana.
You do not have to imagine it anymore!
Water ★, barley ★ malted, hemp ★ and hops ★.
(★) = From organic farming.
Package of 33cl
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