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Box 3 Jägermeister
3 x 40 ml.
Herbal liqueur of German origin, which is made with a secret recipe of 56 botanists..
Its flavor is unique and balanced, with touches both sweet and bitter.
Its origin is found in 1878, when Wilhelm Mast founded a wine and liquor business in Wolfenbüttel, in the Lower Saxony region, Germany. It was his son Curt Mast who created, in 1930, the Herbal liqueur Jagermeister formula, with which he toasted with his fellow hunters. His name means "Master Hunter" in German.

The popularity of this drink has been so strong that in the late 1990s it has reached the middle class of the United States. It is even common to find cocktails made with this liquor; among them is the Jägerbomb. It can be mixed with energy drinks, such as the Red Bull (known as JägerBomb - Black Pearl) or others such as the RipperMeister mixed with Monster Energy Ripper (which contains 50% tropical juice).
However, according to the official website, its preparation has been designed for consumption without any mixture.

Although the Jägermeister recipe is secret, some of its ingredients are known: ginger, cinnamon, star anise, cardamom and orange zest.
The herbs and spices are allowed to macerate cold in a mixture of alcohol and water. And finally, let it rest in oak barrels for a period of 12 months.
CATA's notes:
At sight it has dark brown color.
The smell is complex and very aromatic, highlighting the aromas of herbs.
The bitter taste of herbs and spices predominates on the palate. Nice finish, very digestive. It is recommended to serve it very cold in an ice cold glass, to be able to enjoy all its flavor and intensity. It is also used in different cocktails, such as Jäger Mojito or Jägerbomb.
Graduation: 35 degrees of alcohol.

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