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TRONCAL Extra Virgin coupage 500ml
Extra Virgin Olive Oil TRONCAL, of the Alfafara, Arbequina and Manzanilla. varieties.
Origin: - Beniard├í, Guadalest Valley. © Ribes Oil.

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the first pressing of these olives. The juice that is obtained is filtered and bottled so that it arrives at your table with all its original characteristics. When using only a physical procedure for its preparation, the oil retains all the beneficial properties for health and has the highest content of antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty acids. This oil is considered the highest quality and flavor and helps fight coronary diseases, circulatory and some types of cancer.

Elaboration: Olives juice obtained from the first cold extraction. Perfect for family and culinary use. It is excellent raw as dressing of salads and breads.
Health benefits: Lowers the level of bad cholesterol while maintaining good levels. It decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, regulates intestinal transit and prevents the aging of tissues by its antioxidant action, (thanks to the high percentage of oleic acid), in diabetics lowers blood glucose levels, It has a high anti-inflammatory power and healing action against skin diseases.
The benefits of Extra Virgin Olive oil also influence mental deterioration. The natural antioxidants derived from Oleuropein act in this sense, having a special relevance in diseases such as Alzheimer's. Another of the properties of the oil in terms of its high content of antioxidants is that it favors the immune system, protecting the body from all types of diseases by strengthening its defenses with a natural product. Some studies show its direct action against cancer cells.

Varieties that form this oil: Arbequina, Alfafara, and Manzanilla. (Olivar own .Ribes Oil)
The Extra Virgin oil obtained from Arbequina olives is an exquisite oil. This variety is internationally recognized for its complexity and diversity of nuances in the flavors, which depending on the period of the campaign have from traces of tomatoes and garden to almond flavors.
The Extra Virgin oil obtained from Alfafara olives, has a balanced level of bitterness and something spicy. The aroma is fruity, with intense scents of fresh grass, apple, tomato, banana and subtle aromas of nuts.
The Extra Virgin oil obtained from Mananilla olives,is an oil of green color accentuated and bright appearance, with a balance between spicy, bitter and sweet, very aromatic with a high fruity green, in which you can see notes recognizable to apple, macedonia, tomato and ripe banana.
Due to all this set of characteristics and flavors, in this Extra Virgin oil, slightly bitter and spicy notes of flavor prevail.
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