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Herbal Liqueur Guadalest 500 ml.
Sweet Herbal Liqueur, Guadalest

Capacity: 500 cl.

Liquor mountain herbs Alicante

Dry Aniseed-flavored liqueur.
27% alcohol.

Denomination of Origin:
Herbero Sierra de Mariola

The quality of our Herbero is certified by Specific Denomination "Alicante Traditional Spirits" and its Regulatory Council.

Is called "Herbero Sierra de Mariola" a spirit drink produced in the province of Alicante, obtained by distillation and / or maceration of plants collected in the area of the Sierra de Mariola (Alicante) and neutral alcohol of agricultural origin of an alcoholic aged 22 to 40%. and whose color can be clear or vary from yellow-green to reddish.

the development of "Herbero Sierra de Mariola" will be used at least four of the following herbs: sage, chamomile, mint, lemon verbena, blessed thistle root, peppermint piperita, cat tail, fennel, anise, lemon balm, agrimony, savory, zamarrilla, San Guillermo grass, thyme, and lavender.

The plants used must be harvested at full bloom, and air-dried washed in cool, dry and low light until use.

Prepared by distillation : You can directly distilled alcohol, plants and aniseed, or maceration of such previously prepared by introducing the plants in a hydroalcoholic solution of 60% by volume minimum for at least ten days. The alcoholate obtained may be used directly or be added alcohol, anise extract and water needed. The end product must stay a minimum of two months resting before bottling. The minimum percentage of distillate in the final product must be 20%, based on absolute levels and must be stated on the label the word "distilled."

Prepared by maceration : will be introduced plants in a hydroalcoholic solution at least 60% by volume, staying for a minimum period of ten days. Then proceed to the alkoxide mixture of this with extracts of anise, water and / or alcohol needed to obtain the final ranking of the product, which must remain at rest for at least two months before bottling. On the label shall state "Produced by the maceration method."

The flavor will be that obtained exclusively by distillation, with or without prior soaking of the plants used. You are only allowed to use anise extract.

Herbero base is dry anise, which added more than fifteen different herbs macerated in the database and then gives the characteristic color of this liquor, color varies from greenish yellow to light reddish

Herbero is a drink usually consumed after meals or in the morning and served in small glasses, either alone or mixed with other liquors Alicante, the Cantueso(lavender).

Favorite drink "Uncle Pep" and all "L'Alqueria Blanca".

TEMPERATURE: Room temperature or cold. (Well cool in summer)
Note (*):
Natural Park Sierra de Mariola:
Was declared a natural park by the Valencian government on January 8, 2002. The mountain is located between the counties of: Hoya de Alcoy, Cocentaina County and the Valley of Albaida. The following municipalities:
Muro de Alcoy
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